Women with Nearsighted Glasses

nearsighted glasses

 People naturally love beauty and still many want to be beautiful. Nevertheless, if you are nearsighted, this could affect your attractiveness, particularly in women. Any woman who wears nearsighted glasses is faced with this familiar problem. It is hard to project a dramatic eye makeup when wearing eyeglasses.

While a pair of eyeglasses may be a pretty fashion accessory, it could be a challenge to pair it with makeup. If you are nearsighted, the first thing that you should consider is using the proper foundation for the face. Make certain the makeup is water and wipe-resistant. Consider a shade that is lighter than your skin tone. Apply a thin layer to the lid and below the eyes.

Nearsighted women should refrain from using dark eye shadow and thick eyeliners.  Instead, consider shimmering and bright colors like lavender, rose, light gray, white or beige. To  make the eyes look wide open   underneath the glasses, apply a lighter eye shadow to the interior eye corner and select a slightly darker shade to the center of the lid and extend it all the way out to the outside corner and let it get progressively darker. Polarized lenses and shades   lenses will tend to tone down colors, thus the eye makeup should be bolder. Make certain to match the eyebrows with the frame of the glasses. You could also use liner to enhance the eyebrows.