What a Nearsighted Vision is all about

Vision Of Eyechart With Glasses

 If you are nearsighted, then the cornea and retina are too far apart.  There are also times when the cornea is too curved and makes the light rays from objects at a distant focus in front of the retina, making them appear blurry.  It is better to have a better grasp of the nearsighted vision to understand what this is really all about.

A person with nearsighted vision may often squint when viewing objects from afar. They could also sit very near TVs or bring books closer when reading. There may be instances when a person who is nearsighted is unaware of faraway objects. This condition is normally diagnosed during childhood, from the ages 10 to 20. The diagnosis is done through an extensive eye examination by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.  A refraction test is also done during the check up to confirm myopia.

Depending on the extent of nearsightedness, some may only need glasses for watching a movie, TV or driving. Others with high nearsighted degrees may only have clear vision several inches away from their nose. Treatment for nearsightedness includes wearing of glasses, contact lens or laser products like LASIK. There are also cornea reshaping methods but results may be temporary in nature.