Nearsighted Prescription Information

eye prescription

 If things up close appear clear but not those that are at a distance, then you are probably nearsighted. Nearsightedness has a focus point up close and a blurred vision in the distance due to the light entering the focus of the eye in front of the retina. Therefore, objects at a distance are seen more clearly with the use of glasses, contact lenses and even surgery.

A nearsighted prescription contains a minus or negative sign before your prescription numbers. The higher the number is after the minus sign, then the bigger the vision correction that you need.

The lenses in your eye glasses or in your contact lenses will change the light and curve so the image will fall farther away or shorter than it currently does. It is important to understand your nearsighted prescription to give you a better idea on your vision needs. Whatever your nearsighted vision needs, it will be adjusted to fall on the retina instead of away from it. When this happens, the brain will interpret it and the blurriness will disappear. When you remove your glasses, things will appear blurry again because the glasses do not change the shape of your eye but instead changes the way an image is reflected.