Nearsighted Glasses for Children


 If you are looking for a nearsighted glasses for  your child, checking  out an  optical  store could be  confusing since you will  see a  lot of children’s  eyeglasses  and it would be hard to  figure which   one  will suit your child and will last longer.  When in search for nearsighted glasses for kids, you have to take into consideration the lens   thickness. If your child’s prescription indicates strong lenses that are thick, make sure to keep the frames as small as possible to minimize thickness. Moreover, smaller lenses will   tend to have fewer high-order aberrations, thus less risk of distorted or blurred vision.

It is vital to avoid frames that make children look ‘uncool’.  Steer your child away from objectionable frames or too expensive. Consider ultra cool glasses   such as photochromic lenses with lenses that will darken while outdoors.   This could motivate your child   to want to wear them.  Children’s glasses frames are usually either made of metal or plastic. Boys’ frames are usually double bridges while those with single bridges are either strictly for girls or unisex. Most manufacturers copy adult style glasses for children. They make be attracted to glasses that look like Mom’s or Dad’s.

Choose a frame that fits the bridge since it is vital the glasses stay in place because children will tend to look right over tops of the lenses than pushing slipping glasses up.   Ask your optician which frame fits properly.