Nearsighted Cure

 Nearsightedness, also known as myopia occurs when the light coming in the eye is focused in the front of the retina. The main step in a nearsighted cure is to relax the eye muscles so they will not stay locked up. There are several steps that help in curing nearsightedness. First, try to take off your glasses. The eyes, the same as any sensory input, will rely on change. Try to look without moving the eye and head at all at a point and you will notice a blurred vision and your eyes hurt. Look around a bit, relax and look at a certain point again and you will see it more clearly.

Some people resort to laser surgery for nearsighted cure. LASIK, the most popular is effective in majority of the patients. Eye exercises also work great. This helps strengthen the six groups of eye muscles and help them to relax completely everyday to improve the vision.

Eye exercises are backed by scientific researches and by anecdotal evidence from thousands of people. There are online eye exercise courses that are affordable and cure the cause of nearsightedness, unlike contact lenses or glasses. Moreover, unlike laser surgery, eye exercises are painless and non-intrusive.