Nearsighted Cure without Surgery

nearsighted eyes

 A nearsighted condition or myopia occurs when the eyes have become used to near objects and thus see faraway objects in a blurred manner. There are several myopia cure such has surgery. Nevertheless, there are also methods for nearsighted cure without necessarily resorting to surgery.

Wearing glasses could sometimes costly and bothersome and is not really a cure but only a means of seeing   well. One   of the ways to cure nearsightedness without surgery is through exercises. Some of the eye exercises include rolling the eyes from side to side, up and down. This stimulates the blood flow to the eyes. Some people claimed to have positive results so it may be worth the try.

Another option is to take bilberry extract supplement which is shown to prevent macular degeneration and believed to help with night vision problems. Moreover, it also improves your eye’s overall health due to its vitamin levels. Bilberry is a kind of fruit that is similar to the blueberry. You can also consider resting your eyes after staring at the computer, TV or after reading. After thirty minutes of working your eyes, stare at a wall in a distance for at least fifteen minutes to relax your eyes. This is a very easy method and free.