Nearsighted Cure Exercises


 Nearsightedness or myopia is vision defects wherein things at a distance appear blurry while near objects are in focus and clear. With this condition, eye exercises for nearsighted cure have been proposed since 1891 by Dr. William Bates. In the year 2004, the American Academy of Ophthalmology has evaluated several programs of eye exercises.

These eye exercises are designed to strengthen the eye muscles that control the lens shape. If the muscles are weak, then the exercises could help enhance the vision. Many people claimed that they have benefited a lot from it. With nearsighted cure exercise, there are some general rules to make certain that you do not make things worse. Make sure to do the exercises in soft light and make sure the things you focus on are well-lit. Whether applying pressure or closing your eyes, always be gentle do not exercise your eyes in a way that causes discomfort or strains them.

Rest your eyes after exercising them. Begin with relaxation exercises such as deep breathing and visualizing the lungs in action before beginning eye-training exercises. One exercise to make the lens more flexible is hanging a ball from the ceiling around chest high. Have someone pull the ball as far back as possible and let go so that it swings toward you. Move out of its way without moving your feet and try to keep the ball in focus the whole time.