Myopia or Nearsighted Cure

 Myopia or nearsightedness is a problem in the vision that is experience to around one-third of the population. It is more common among Americans today than it was thirty years ago. People who are nearsighted have a hard time reading highway signs and seeing objects that are at a distance. Nevertheless, they can see things that are near and can perform tasks such as sewing or reading comfortably.

Nearsighted cure may include wearing glasses, wearing contact lenses or an eye surgery. Depending on one’s vision problem, one may have to wear contact lenses or glasses all the time or only when distance vision is required, such as driving, looking at a chalkboard or movie watching.

Another nearsighted cure that one may consider is refractive surgery. It eliminates or reduces the need for wearing contacts or glasses. The most common procedure is the Excimer laser. In a PRK, the laser removes a corneal tissue layer, flattens the cornea and lets light rays focus near to or on the retina. In a LASIK procedure, this is the most common, a flap is cut through the cornea top and a laser will remove some corneal tissue and the flap is dropped back to place.