Exercises for Nearsighted Cure


 Myopia is a term used to express nearsightedness or the inability of one to see clearly at long distances.  Nearsightedness often takes place due to the light entering the eyes that set focus ahead of the retina. Fortunately, you can go for a nearsighted cure the natural way to minimize or eradicate nearsightedness.

Before starting on any nearsighted cure exercise, you should first consult your doctor and make certain you have the right prescription. You may still need your contact lenses or glasses even if there is improvement so don’t hurry in getting rid of them. Do not over-strain your eyes since progress varies from one person to another.

The first exercise you should do is the infinity vision exercise.  This exercise improves vision since it not just enhances eye muscular strength but could be done anytime of the day. Imagine an   infinity symbol on the wall, approximately ten   feet away. Begin tracing it slowly from any direction for several minutes using your eyes. Relax and   then take a few seconds breaks and start again in the opposite direction. The Zooming Vision exercise help in overcoming reduced eye elasticity and loss of flexibility of the ciliary muscles. Do this by sitting comfortably on a chair and stretch your arm with your thumb in a hitchhike position. Concentrate on the thumb while moving it closer to you. Make sure to keep eyes focused on it at all times.  Bring it as close as   3 inches from your eyes and keep it there for several seconds and then slowly move it away until the arm is again stretched totally.