Curing Nearsighted Vision

 Lasik is one of the ways of curing a nearsighted vision. Nevertheless, is it a costly and risky procedure that is not guaranteed to work. Moreover, its long term effects are still unknown.  For people who are nearsighted, if Lasik is not an option, there are some eye exercises that could help in curing nearsightedness.

The idea of doing eye exercises is the same as doing other exercise. Working out the eyes is the perfect way to strengthen them.  Keep in   mind that your eyes are like muscles, it has to be used efficiently to be more effective. One easy eye exercise is the ‘shape exercise’. Focus on an object with a square is rectangular shape.  Follow the objects outline for 45 seconds or longer. Notice how the eyes begin to feel better right away. You could almost see the text on the screen much better by doing this simple exercise. If you do this exercise daily, you could restore your vision naturally.

Eye relaxation methods could rejuvenate the eyes and help you reach your goals of curing nearsightedness fast. Palming is most probably the most effective and common way of making the eyes feels better. Try to cover your right eye with your hand. Do not apply pressure to the eye but just cover it for around 20 seconds. Do the same to the left eye. You can feel the warmth of your hand relaxing the eyes. You can do this everyday, especially if your eyes are strained from computer or TV viewing.