Awareness of Nearsighted Symptoms

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia is caused by the natural change in the shape of the eyeball. The eyeball turns oval instead of round, which happens commonly during childhood. This condition could be corrected with the use of eyeglasses, contacts and surgery.

Nearsighted symptoms that you should be aware of include eyestrain, headaches, fatigue when playing sports, driving or looking more than a few feet away and squinting. The most common symptom in children is being unable to see the board at school.

It is vital to know nearsighted symptoms particularly in children so that this could be addressed to immediately to prevent the condition from getting worse. The primary symptoms of myopia are seeing distant objects appearing blurred, out of focus and indistinct. Moreover, a person who is nearsighted could not see posters or signs from a distance. There are also instances when it is also difficult to see clearly the face of the person across the table. Nearsightedness is a condition that affects a large percentage of people throughout the world. Aside from using eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery to correct or to improve this condition, there are also natural methods and   exercises that one can do to cure this condition.