Alternative Nearsighted Cure

 Myopia or nearsightedness occurs when the light coming form your eye is focused in front of the retina. A normal eye has the light going into the retina. This is how the brain receives message of what things are like.  Aside from eyeglasses, contact lenses and surgeries, you can also opt for an alternative nearsighted cure.

The main step to curing nearsightedness is relaxing your eye muscles so they will not stay locked up. Such as elastic if you let goo will return to its original shape. This will however take time you should be patient for this to happen. First thing that you should do is to take off your glasses.

The eye, just like any sensory input, depends on change. It could not see the same thing for about two to four seconds before the image starts to fade. The problem is that people who are unable to see well will tend to lock on a point a force to see it and keep the same image on the retina or in short, they stare. Consider looking without moving the eye and head at a point. After ample time, you will notice that the vision blurs and your eyes hurt and feel uncomfortable. Try to look around a bit, relax and look at the point once more and you will see it much clearly.